21 November 2017

'When All Just Were' CDs released by Spiritside Productions!

Pro-Printed CD-R in exclusive Eco-Wallet Case.

18 November 2017

WHEN ALL JUST WERE - Our New Album Is Out Now!

Stream & Buy Here:

12 November 2017

We proudly announce that Voltak is alive again, more vividly than ever.
Out debut album entitled 'When All Just Were' is ready to be released on 18 November 2017 by Spiritside Productions.
Stay tuned for more details.
23 February 2013

Now we are working on the preparing demos of the album recording, with drums and vocal tracks. Impending voices from the far side of being...
13 November 2012

Following our transformation, we'll step on stage in Friday, 23 November. Location: Budapest (HU) - Fészek klub. As first act, we share the eve with three other bands - Manőkken Proletárz, Teslavox, Mocsok 1 kölykök. Start at 20pm exactly.
1 November 2012

We have finished our works with founder drummer Zoltán Mosonyi. Thanks to him, it was so pleasing to write and improve our songs with such a great friend. We wish him good luck in his band Morningkill.
The new drummer of Voltak is György Csintalan. In further times we exist in Budapest by location. The fresh line-up soon introduces live!
9 August 2012

The first live video is arrived for "A város, ami sosem készül el" (The Downtown (It Never Gets Done)). It's a new, yet unreleased tune. See it on YouTube, or in VIDEO menu.
16 July 2012

At first time this year, the band has an event: 21 July 2012 Téglás (HU) - III. Tóalj fesztivál @ 16:00.
During a one-hour set, the full material of the coming full-length will be played.
December 25 2011

"Kiébredve" single is released today.
The homepage is launched, and the band is also appeared in further online platforms. Soon the contents become expanded with a video.
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