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Our portable studio offers the following services:
recording (tracking) | editing | mixing | stem mastering | mastering | re-mastering
music composing | lyrics writing | instrumentation | session playing (drums, bass, guitars) | backing vocals | producing

Being in studio environment in 10+ years as musical instrument players, we use our experiences to assist the creativity of fellow artists.
Our workflow is based on a successful combination of Musician and Engineer approach.
Spiritside Studio accepts both local and online requests.
Contact us with your via E-mail or Facebook.

Reference Samples:

genre: Melodic Black/Doom Metal | work: Tracking, Mix, Master

genre: Dark Alternative Rock | work: Tracking, Mix, Master

genre: Black Metal (Live Recording) | work: Edit, Mix, Master

genre: Synth-Pop, Indie Pop | work: Programming, Vocals Tracking, Mix, Master

genre: Acoustic / Singer-Songwriter | work: Tracking, Mix, Master

genre: Black Metal | work: Tracking, Mix, Master

genre: Punk Rock | work: Vocals Tracking, Session Backing Vocals

Full Reference List of our Staff:

SN 1987A - Stars of Misfortune (single)mixing, mastering2022
Pagan Megalith - Dermedő ólomharangok / Congealing Leadenbells (demo)remastering2022
Gravel Shores - Akvamarin Live (live)editing, mixing, mastering2021
SN 1987A - Seeding New Horizons (single)recording, mixing, mastering2021
Free Houdini! - Máshogyan akarom (EP)additional recording, mixing, mastering2021
Bloody Holly & the Ricketz - Slashes to Slashes, Guts to Guts (EP)recording, mixing, mastering2021
Voltak - The Hastening (full-length)recording, mixing, mastering2021
One Hit Wonder - Bed Offered, Breakfast Included (single)vocals & additional guitars recording, mixing, mastering2021
Gravel Shores - Best in a Life (single)recording, mixing, mastering2021
Paragon Zero - Omass (EP)bass & guitars editing, vocals recording, mixing, mastering2020
Svoid / Ygfan - We are Nowhere Beyond the Evanescence (split)Svoid: vocals recording
Ygfan: vocals recording, mixing, mastering
Alice Null - Her Pale Face Spoke of Angels (single)mastering2020
Doki - Zárójel (full-length)instrumentation, instruments, backing vocals, recording, mixing, mastering2019
Learn & Go - Business English (educational audio book)editing2019
Dunkelheit - Inner Awakening (full-length)guitars & vocals recording, mixing, mastering2019
Aornos live videos (Castellum, Trace to Beckoning Fade, Dysangelium)mixing, mastering2019
Gravel Shores - Akvamarin (full-length)recording, mixing, mastering2019
Alice Null - OtherSide (single)mastering2019
Korhadt - VTTCK (EP)mastering2019
Paragon Zero - The Old Witch (single)guitars & vocals recording, mixing, mastering2019
Gravel Shores - Rat or Angel - Voivod Acoustic Tribute (full-length)recording, mixing, mastering2019
Junkies - Negyedszázad kockázat és mellékhatás (full-length)vocals and misc recording, editing2019
Barren - Blue Rust (demo)editing, mixing, mastering2018
Latrodectus - Mactans (compilation)editing, mixing, mastering2018
Sorrow and Tears - Lunaria (full-length)remastering2018
Ga'eheln - Black Mould of a White Winter (demo)remastering2018
Hypochondria - Melpomene's Last Dance (EP)remastering2018
Carnelian - Véghetetlen (demo)remastering2018
Sorrow and Tears - Éjharmat (EP)remastering2018
Paragon Zero - Timeless New Breed (EP)remastering2018
Voltak - Say No to Anything (single)recording, mixing, mastering2018
Svoid - Spiral Dance (EP)recording, mixing, mastering2018
Säy Hëy - Valami baj van (full-length)drum programming2018
Gravel Shores - I Follow the Snow (single)recording, mixing, mastering2018
Gravel Shores - Towers (single)recording, mixing, mastering2018
Formorket - Live: Walk Into Nothing (live album)editing, mixing, mastering2018
KR3LL - Bang! (full-length)recording, editing2018
Pagan Megalith - Túlvég (full-length)recording, mixing, mastering2017
Formorket - Formorket (full-length)recording, mixing, mastering2017
Pagan Megalith - Óarany (EP)recording, mixing, mastering2017
Learn & Go - Everyday English Dialogues (educational audio book)editing2017
Lepra - Whom Aeons Tore Apart (full-length)guitars & vocals recording, mixing, mastering2014
Pagan Megalith - Viharjárás (full-length)recording, mixing, mastering2016
Junkies - Buli volt, buli van, buli lesz (full-length)bass, guitars & vocals recording2016
Junkies - Félelem és reszketés Budapesten (full-length)bass, guitars & vocals recording2014
Norms - Norms (EP)mixing, mastering2013


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