Pagan Megalith - Túlvég CD
Hand-numbered Limited Edition Digipak CD-R with 12-page booklet

Voltak - When All Just Were CD
Pro-Printed CD-R in exclusive ECO Wallet

Formorket - Formorket CD
Limited Edition Pro-Printed CD-R in exclusive Eco-Wallet case

Formorket - Formorket MC
Limited Edition Pro-Printed Casette with lyrics included

Svoid - Devil's Blood (single 2015) CD
Limited Edition Vinyl-style CD-R in paper sleeve

La Ment - Ready Set Grey (EP 2013) CD
Pro-Printed CD-R in Eco-Wallet case

Karst - Lime Veins Bleed Rust (full-length 2014) MC
Limited Edition Hand-numbered Pro-Printed tape

Karst - Cleaning a Cave (full-length 2011) CD
Limited Edition Hand-numbered pro-printed CD-R in jewel case, with 4-panel booklet. With genuine karst rock pieces from Bükk mountains.