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Originally hailing from the once prosperous iron producing Hungarian town Miskolc, Karst came to life by passing away its predecessor Nebulosus Fatum (2005-2009), a Black Metal act playing in the classic, raw vein.

Considering reverence to that genre’s traditions and artistic freedom, changing name helped the band to find its own unique way. As members started thinking in a wider range of musical tools as well as dynamics and intensity, new perspectives opened.

The band’s name represents the geological structure of hometown’s natural surroundings and works as a metaphor for the creative process alike. Inspired by nature, dirt and dissolution, the orchestra carries the message of being observant in world decaying.

Musically an unconventional melodic guitar & bass playing and rich, colorful drumming with extreme vocals mark the organic Karst sound exhaling bitterness, rage and disappointment.

Playing live – wearing torn, old-fashioned suits – the aim is to keep the audience surprised with always reforming, yet well-recognizable performances from time to time representing the rootless generation of post-socialism.

Thus ever pushing its boundaries the extreme garage rock band Karst is unleashed to beat with limestone, crystal clear water and rusty iron.

© Karst Orchestra / Spiritside Productions