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ÚJRAKÉL (Music Video Single)
Produced by Kristóf.

Recording of the second full-length album @ Abnormal Studio, Budapest, Hungary in July 2013.
Footage recorded and edited by Kristóf.

SÓVÁR (taken from the album "Cleaning a Cave", 2011)
Music and video self-produced by Karst.
Directing: Kristóf and Dániel | Cameramen: Kerek Balázs, Kormos Gábor and Kristóf
Performers: Nóri and Dániel | Cut & edit: Kristóf
We are very grateful for all the help from our friends during the shootings.

Budapest - Szabad az Á, 05.04.2012.
Recorded by: Buzás Krisztián

BETEG (lo-fi drum cam)
Budapest - Filter klub, 26.07.2013.
© Karst Orchestra / Spiritside Productions